A good year for the roses

The rose has always been valued for its amazing beauty and its symbolism. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. If you share their passion for roses, follow a few simple steps to ensure that every year is a good year for the roses. They make your garden beautiful, its the least you could do for them

It all starts at the beginning, so planting your roses properly will stand them in good stead. Buying your roses from a reputable nursery is always good so that quality is assured. Your nursery should also tell you what time of the year you should be planting your roses. As for the planting itself, make sure you dig a hole that has the same height and double the width of the container the roses are in.

Fertilising your roses will depend on their behaviour. Generally, you would want to fertilise them in early spring, summer and autumn, but if they are not responding and they look rather bad then you could fertilise them up to once a month until they return to their normal state of health. Use a fertiliser with a high pH, and if you get stuck you can go to your local nursery for assistance on which type to buy.

Using a good mulch will ensure a good year for the roses by controlling those nasty weeds by blocking sunlight, retaining water by reducing evaporation, repelling insects, regulating soil temperature and reflecting sunlight up towards the roses. Plants need water, so make sure you water newly planted roses everyday for about three weeks, and arrange for good water drainage. Check in on your roses on a regular basis to see the state that they are in, and to see if there are any weeds or bugs.

Rose pruning depends on the type of rose that needs pruning, the reason behind the need to prune it and the time of year at which it is to be pruned. The ideal time that you should be pruning your roses is in early autumn or spring. Dont prune just because you want to, make sure there is a valid reason. Ensure that you prune all dead or dying branches. If any roses are worn-out, faded, withered, or discoloured then remove them. This will promote new growth and more budding blooms. Remove any roses that are too dense, as they can hinder the growth of others. For the same reason, be sure to thin out climbing, hybrid tea, and floribunda roses.

Roses only aim to make your garden beautiful, so give them the attention they deserve, and make sure every year is a good year for the roses.

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