Early retirement

With early retirement comes many joys. You can have the opportunity and time to travel and have adventures, while still young and active enough to appreciate and enjoy them. Taking retirement early also gives people the ability to try new things that they never had the time to do. For example, you could get a pilotís license. Whether or not you can buy a plane or want to, it would be an experience. You could learn to scuba dive and visit some of the great coral reefs of the world. On a less dramatic scale, you could volunteer in your local community to better other peopleís lives with your free time. Find yourself a niche that you enjoy and that benefits others. On the flip side, you could stay at home doing all of the same things you did while working. Retirement can be anything that you want it to be. It can be a fulfilling and rewarding chapter of life, or a bland and boring step into old age.

Let it be said that early retirement can also be challenging. Your spouse and friends may still be working, and you may have children still dependent upon you. This can inhibit the lifestyle of freedom which taking retirement early can provide. You also are giving up your work social life as you retire, which can be difficult for those used to being surrounded by social activity and many friends. Retirement requires organization. There are things that you wish to accomplish in retirement, so write them down. Make a plan to implement your dreams. The longer you sit on the couch doing nothing, the harder it will be to get up and enjoy your retirement. By keeping focused upon the active lifestyle of new experiences, you can avoid the temptation to waste away these precious years of retirement.

Despite its challenges, retirement can and should be a wonderful and exciting part of life. If loved ones hold you back from traveling right away, make use of your talents and pleasures close to home. In giving up your friends in the office, you can acquire new friends in other circles. Find enjoyable activities to pursue, and give back through volunteering. Volunteer work is not unpaid labor if you enjoy the work you are doing. It is also a great way to meet new friends and enlarge your social circle. Whether you are climbing Mount Everest or teaching children in a free local after school programme, make the most out of early retirement. It has the potential to be one of the best times of your life. Do not let this time slip away. Otherwise, you will look back when you are older and regret not pursuing and achieving your dreams during this time.

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