Entertaining the grandchildren

Trying to find ways of entertaining the grandchildren is a lot more difficult than it should be. Unfortunately as children get older they go through different phases and it is so easy to lose track of what they like and what they find fun. There are a few activities that will suffice for any age, but there are those you can consider by age group.

For the younger children from about three to five, new experience is the name of the game, but be careful not to overwhelm them. The zoo is always a great option, but if you feel they may be a bit scared or reluctant it may help to read them a book on animals and show them some pictures just to ease them into the experience. Then there are those children who are overeager and too ready to explore. This is good, but if you are going to petting zoo then keep a special eye out. Another outdoor activity you can do is go to the park for a walk or a picnic.

Children this age also love listening to someone reading to them, but if you donít want them sitting passively then try interactive books, books to touch and feel, books that come in different shapes and books that come with a tape or CD, so you can listen together. If the child has a good temperament and doesnít mind being around people then you can even take them to the library.

From about five years old you can start introducing more educational books for them to read, so they can have fun and learn at the same time. As far as games are concerned, this is the perfect time to play cards and dominoes. These are crowd favourites when it comes to entertaining the grandchildren. If your grandchild is more of an artist, let them write and draw. All they need are some pencils, paper, and markers. If they want to embark on a more creative project then offer them a pair of blunt scissors, some coloured paper and glue. A small white board makes an interesting writing and drawing surface as well.

From age eight, your grandchild will start to express an interest in certain things. This will make your life a lot easier because all you have to do is follow their lead and nurture their preferences. For example, if they are interested in sport, then take them to a few games in your area. If they are budding entertainers who prefer something more dramatic then be there to let them perform for you.

As time passes, entertaining the grandchildren will become easier in certain aspects. As they get older they will usually have a set of things they like doing, so all you have to do is join them and let them be themselves.

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