Escorted tour holidays

Many people go on holiday without having explored some of the best parts of their destination simply because they didnít know what the place had to offer. Escorted tour holidays are great because they can help you discover the heart and soul of any country. Experienced guides can teach you about a countryís history, traditions and fun facts not many people are aware of.

Holidays of this nature are offered all around the world so itís up to you to decide what you want to experience. If you want an injection of culture then Italy is your target. For the art lovers, you can learn about the history of the art and architecture of classic Italy. If its fun in the sun you are after then the beaches of Sicily will provide you with hours of sun. For you adventurers, take a trip to a farmhouse or castle, take a train trip through Italy and enjoy scenery or indulge in a thrilling ski holiday.

If you are after an ancient land rich in tradition and magic, China is your best option. It boasts beautiful landscapes with endless rice fields and a unique co-existence between quiet monastery villages and buzzing modern cities. For a more tranquil journey, get an escorted tour along the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden Palace. For something more upbeat you can explore the energetic city life.

Not too far away is the mystical Malaysia. If itís a calm and quiet experience you are after, spread out on white sands and allow yourself to enjoy traditional spa treatments. Escorted tours will help you explore Kuchingís rice paddies and rubber plantations, Borneo and the Cameron Highlands. If you are a climber take full advantage of climbing Borneoís Mount Kinabalu, where you can explore jungles and meet some orangutans. Visit the busy streets of Kuala Lumpurís awesome cities and quiet fishing villages.

For complete diversity, a tour through South Africa comes highly recommended. Escorted tours of South Africa will help you explore some of the most popular destinations such as Cape Town, the winelands, the Garden Route and Kruger National Park. With the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking experiences, a holiday to South Africa is unforgettable.

With escorted tour holidays to Argentina you can explore all that this beautiful land has to offer. Argentina boasts the best of nature and city life. On one end of the spectrum you can enjoy guided tours of rainforests, vineyards, deserts, tropical forests and the spectacular glacial scenery. For a more fast-paced trip, explore the sophisticated city of Buenos Aires.

These are just some of the escorted tour holidays available to you, so take full advantage of what they have to offer.

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