Health and wellbeing

Many aspects are included in considering oneís health and wellbeing, such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. For a person to be considered healthy, these four facets must be in alignment. The physical part seems to be the relatively simple one. Staying regular with checkups is important especially as you age. Take care of yourself by watching what you eat. This is helpful not only in warding off obesity, but in managing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Exercise is also vital to physical health. This does not mean spending two hours per day in a gym lifting weights or running on a treadmill. Appropriate exercise regimens should be suited to an individualís needs and preferences. Exercise could be taking a brisk walk in a park once a day, playing tennis with a friend, or swimming some laps in a pool. Exercise should be fun and beneficial.

Mental health is more complex than physical because there are often no outward symptoms of poor mental health. You must regulate this on your own related to how you feel. This includes your stress level and satisfaction with your current position. To manage your mental health, be sure to take plenty of breaks from the ordinary. This could mean taking a spontaneous vacation, or doing anything fun as a change from the mundane, such as taking the kids or grandchildren to the zoo. Similarly to physical health, mental health can also benefit from physical activity. The walk in the park provides physical exercise, but also provides a break from the confines of the home. You receive fresh air and interaction with other people, animals, and with nature. Outdoor activities are a great way to rejuvenate yourself physically and mentally.

Talking and interaction largely benefit emotional health and wellbeing. Human contact is necessary for good emotional health. If you live alone, a pet such as a dog or cat is a good companion. Animal company can provide a calming effect, and improve a personís overall outlook on life. There is no substitute for human companionship, however, and one should make a habit of being socially active, even if the interactions seem forced in the beginning. Connections to other humans help to keep people happy and these connections are vital to maintaining emotional health. Friendships are a cornerstone to health and happiness.

Spiritual health is not equated to religion, but rather a personal aspect which people as individuals must discover. This does not mean you must go to a particular church once a week and adhere to one specific religion. Spiritual health is acknowledging the deepest layer of your being and helping this layer to grow as a part of you. You may feel this peace in a place of worship, but perhaps not. Do you feel spiritually at peace in your home with family, or by yourself on a mountain? Wherever you find this spiritual peace, embrace it. Physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing are lost if you are not happy with yourself as a person, so this may be the most crucial element of them all. Have fun, be healthy, and love life.

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