Holiday pet care

If you’re considering going on a holiday you should never forget about your pet in the midst of all the planning. They are also part of the family, so you should take some time to plan holiday pet care for your little treasure.

If the thought of leaving your pet behind is absolutely inconceivable then take them with you. While you’re packing all your essentials, remember your pet has basics that need to be brought along. Ensure you take enough food and water for your trip, as well as food and water bowls. Since the accommodation will generally not allow pets on the furniture, it is advisable that you take a bed and a blanket for your pet. This is also their holiday, so bring along some toys and chews for them to enjoy, and make sure you bring a lead and collar so they don’t venture too far. Remember to check that your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

When planning your route, find out about the places along the way at which you can stop with your pet. This will make sure you both have a comfortable trip to your destination. If you are travelling by car, make sure your pet is secure so that they don’t run around and distract you while you are driving. Leave the windows open slightly so that your pet can get some fresh air. If it’s a bit chilly be careful how much heat you turn on because your pet will become highly uncomfortable.

Once you reach your destination there are a few issues of “pettiquette” that need your attention out of pure respect for the accommodation itself. The first rule of holiday pet care is that you should always clean up after your pet, and if possible, exercise your pet in an area away from the accommodation. Always keep an eye on your pet, as unattended pets can get lost or even damage the facility. Your pet may be on holiday but that shouldn’t mean a change in their diet where you feed them ice cream, and all the other holiday food you will be eating. Pets do best when you keep to their routine, but you could give them a few more treats here and there.

As far as your pets safety goes, make sure you pack a first aid kit in case your pet gets hurt. It’s always good to have the details of the local veterinarian in the event that your pet is seriously injured. Ensure that your pet has an identity tag so that they can be returned quickly if they should get lost.

Holiday pet care should be at the top of your list when it comes to planning for a holiday so that you, your family and your pet can have an enjoyable time away.

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