How to make new friends after a divorce

When you are married, your friends are often also your spouseís friends, so when you get divorced your assets are not the only things that get split up. This can lead to a loss of really special bonds and experiences, but divorce should not spell the end of your social life. It's important to maintain an active social life, but sometimes it's hard to figure out how to make new friends after a divorce.

Whether you hope to find a friend or a partner, you should develop a list of qualities you're looking for before you begin thinking about how to make new friends. Thinking about this in advance will prevent you from floating around aimlessly when you go out, because you will have a clue as to how to recognise the type of people you want in your life based on your criteria. While the list is helpful, avoid any idealistic thoughts, because no one is really perfect.

If your day consists of waking up, watching television, reading a few books, and then going to bed, you are going to sink deeper and deeper. You canít meet new people if you wonít leave the house or make any effort to connect with the outside world. One of the easiest ways to make friends is to be social. Go to parties, neighbourhood gatherings and go out with friends at work. As hard as it may be letting go of the years of you always being in a couple, don't be afraid to be a single when you're out and about.

If you are struggling to find new friends or perhaps you just donít feel itís the right thing for you at the moment, contact old friends, catch up and reconnect with them. These people were important in your life at one point, they still have things to offer you. Joining a support group is more beneficial for your social life than you may think. A divorce support group consists of members who are basically in the same boat as you, and looking to make new friends. This is a perfect opportunity for you to consider when you are wondering how to make new friends after a divorce.

Donít forget that your family is there to support you, so lean on them. This will help you cope after your divorce. While they're there for emotional support, they can also introduce you to new people. If you are not quite ready to get out and about, join an online community or friends network. There are lots of websites out there with online communities for you to talk to about issues of concern regarding your divorce. Online friends can provide a great amount of essential support during this difficult time. Additionally, you can set up a profile on various websites and make friends that way.
Knowing how to make new friends after a divorce will help you rediscover you zest for life.

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