Improve your memory with brain games

The problem with memory can be due to failure to register the information, failure to retain the information, and failure to remember or retrieve the information. Memory is much like a muscle, if you dont exercise it then it will be of little use to you. To help keep your brain in tiptop shape you can improve your memory with brain games.

Playing memory games are always helpful, as they make your brain work and think. In so doing, you form new neural connections in your brain. Your brain advances through a game as much as it can advance by reading books or other intellectually stimulating activities. When you play a game, your brain has to carry out a range of tasks, which may involve memory. This can include having to recall objects, pictures, shapes, colours, numbers, words or phrases. This not only helps you test your memory but might also improve it, because memory games stimulate many areas in your brain responsible for storing and retrieving information.

A favourite example of how to improve your memory with brain games would be pelmanism. This is a game where the whole family can get involved, and is easy to set up. Gather about thirty to forty items from around the house. This can be anything like keys, coins, bottles, candles, cups, pens, rings and plates. The participants will then take a minute to look at what is on the table. When the minute has passed, cover the items with a cloth and each player should write down what they recall to be on the table. This should be done in about three minutes. To make the game a bit more challenging, you may call for the players to recall a detail about each item.

There are also many other games you can play using your computer or certain games available in store. A popular brain game requires you to remember items and the order in which they were placed. For example, a pear, an apple and an orange may appear. You have to then choose which items appeared and place them in order. As you progress through the levels the game will speed up, making the game a bit more challenging. You can do this for a few minutes a day and you can maintain a good memory.

The idea of a brain game may turn some people off because they may associate it with work or monotonous thought processes. This is not the case, however, you can and should have fun. Never underestimate how much you can improve your memory with brain games in just a few minutes a day, and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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