Joining a gym

So, the clothes are getting a bit tight but fear not there is an easy solution to your problem. Joining a gym; get some of that body armor off. The question now is, finding a gym that suits you.

There has to be someone in your circle that attends a gym, speak to them and find out if they are happy there and how the facilities are – clean, well serviced and enough equipment during peak times. If your friends mention more than one - start with the one closest to your home and phone them to see if they have an introductory tour or lessons.

When you get to go on the tour or beginners lesson keep in mind the following points and ask the gym staff these questions:

• Are the trainers qualified? – Are they certified by a recognisable institution?

• How do classes work? – Do they fit your timetable? Are classes additional to
your fee, are there free classes?

• What are the peak times? – If you’re a bit shy in the beginning it might be
better to go in off-peak times to start with.

• Is there a pool? – Is there a water instructor? If the pool is heated it might be
quite pleasant in winter. When one gets a bit older water exercise can be far more pleasant.

• Ask to see the changing rooms – Do you get your own locker, how many people to a locker, how are they kept clean? How often are the bathroom facilities cleaned? Even if cleaned often one should always wear shoes in the showers.

• A contract will inevitably need to be signed when joining a gym – Ask a member of staff to go through the contract with you and get them to explain anything you don’t understand. Don’t be nervous it’s your right to have these things explained to you. Most importantly, don’t let them bully you into signing the contract there and then, take a contract home with you and go through it, you can always fill it in and drop it off at the gym office to be processed. Ask to be notified of any special offers that may go on through the year.

• Security – Is there security in the car park both day and night.

In general does the gym look clean and is it well aired, there is nothing worse than trying to exercise in a stuffy, dirty gym. Is the staff friendly and do they respond well to your questions? If this is the case then I think you might have found what you want.

On a more personal note, if you’re thinking of purchasing some brand new gear before joining a gym, choose clothing and footwear that is comfortable.

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