Living in retirement villages

Opting for residence in a retirement village can be a continuance of your normal life but in a downscaled form. One has to be careful and mindful that one has chosen a village that fits your personality and that will care for your special problems if you have them. There is absolutely no need for you to shut yourself behind closed doors and think the world is no longer interest in you just because you are now living in a retirement village. Even if you were the party socialite, the arty crafty or the serious reader and follower of politics, it can continue. There will always be someone to join you to have fantastic parties or serious meaningful discussions when living in retirement villages, but you must be open to getting to know the people that youd rather be involved with.

Many people of retirement village age can get somewhat reclusive and not be open to the fun that life can give, that is wrong and not healthy. One constantly needs stimulation of the mind and body.

One of the benefits of living in retirement villages is the various types of activity on offer but one needs to look into them carefully as there may be a joining or membership fee. Living in a retirement village can open a whole cosmos of activity. If youre the active type perhaps bowls, gentle water exercises or the gym for the elderly. Or if you prefer to exercise the mind there are chess, debating clubs and of course bridge which is a favorite of the older generation. Another favorite for the mind is book club. My favorite is retail therapy shopping, now the village probably only goes to the nearest shopping centre or mall but Im sure if enough of you get together a trip to a more exclusive centre can be arranged either among yourselves or with the retirement villages assistance where a coach might be available at a cheaper price. Now if youre the lover of art many villages offer painting or pottery classes which is also a form of therapy. Again if enough of you can get together a trip to the opera or ballet could be arranged at your nearest arts centre. Or depending where your village is situated perhaps the nearest arts centre could be encouraged to come to the village and perform which may encourage the not so lovers of the arts to become more interested.

Should any of the above not be to your fancy and your happy enough looking after your home then perhaps cooking could be your thing. Just think of the pleasure you would bring someone, who is not quite enjoying life, take some delicious scones or scotch pancakes and have a cup of tea and a chat, it could cheer them endlessly. There is always something to do living in retirement villages and its certainly not the end of the world.

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