Looking for retirement property

Looking for retirement property can be a mind boggling experience with all the various types of retirement schemes out on the market. One should have a solid idea of what one’s capital is and what is available financially on a monthly basis i.e. pension before looking into retirement homes. You need to find out your eligibility for Housing Benefits which could cover the rent. There are a number of organizations such as EAC Housing Care that will assist you in these matters. If you are not sure where to start your local branch of Social Services or your local council would be able to assist you. A lot of these homes have waiting lists so you need to start your investigation in good time before you actually need to enter a home.

Before you begin looking for retirement property there are a few points to consider:

• Do you need Health assistance on a daily basis? If so does the home have nursing care, a dispensary or a doctor on 24 hour call? Is there Frail Care or Hospice. Are there fees should you require them. Does your Medical Aid accept them?

• What are the monthly rates or service fees and what is included in the fee i.e. meals.

• Would you be moving away from family and friends?

• If there are stairs involved is there a lift or wheel chair ramps.

• Could pets come along with you, if allowed is there a vet nearby.

• Would you have access to shops, banks, doctors or entertainment? Is there reliable public transport or would the home be able to transport you to some degree. If you had to walk are there steep hills, could you manage?

• Are there laundry services in the home or close by.

• Does the home have sufficient heating facilities, good insulation?

• Can you take furniture of your own? You may only be able to take a few favourite things.

• Is there an alarm system with portable panic buttons for health emergencies or even for security? Is there management on a 24 hour basis?

• Chat to some of the residence of the home if your able, some draw backs or things you don’t like may come to light saving you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Now that you have an idea of what to find out you can start looking at the types of options available and see what would suit you the best. Once you have looked at the options that best suit you financially and all other ways you need to get some financial and legal advice.
Everything looks good so far, depending if you are able to move in straight away or have to go on to a waiting list you have to start making arrangements, even if slowly. Looking for retirement property can be hard work but if you do your research properly it need not be that hard.

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