Making a will

Making a will is a necessary part of preparation for your family’s future after your death. It is important to educate yourself about what will happen to your assets when you are gone. You should take every step to ensure that your money and valuables will be passed on to the people whom you choose to receive them. A will is the way that you name a trusted loved one to oversee the dividing of your estate according to your wishes.

When you are preparing a will, you can establish one or more executors to deal with your personal assets upon your death. The executor applies for a grant from the probate registry. This grant gives the executor the right to access your money and possessions, and to give them out according to the parameters of the will. Even though the money will be divided among surviving relatives without a will, wills are still very important. You may have a close friend or mentor whom you would like to leave a special token with when you depart. You may also have specific items such as pieces of jewelry that you would like to go to specific children. Without a will, you will have no control over this division of your property.

Also, if you have no surviving children or relatives, your monies and possessions will be transferred to the government. You may not care at this point, but you might also prefer that your money be donated to a specific charity or perhaps a school or university. Another positive part of making a will is that you will keep your children and family members from fighting one another over your assets. If you do not make it clear who is to receive what, family members may squabble over heirlooms, money, or how the home and property are to be handled. One child may want to keep the home as it was and live in it, while the others want to sell it and divide the money. These are issues that you can and should address in your will.

Wills are so important in maintaining peace in the family. Even if you do not care where your money goes when you die, you can be sure that other people do care where it goes. Direct children as well as long estranged relatives will be clamouring to claim as much of your assets as possible. There will be lawyers involved and there could be unseemly episodes depending upon how much money you leave behind. This is not something that you should wish to subject your family to. Therefore, take a simple precaution by making a will to protect your assets for loved ones and to maintain peace in the family even in death.

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