Nostalgia. Yes, a longing for the past, the double-edged sword of wanting to return to a time or place that made you happy, but accompanied by the pain of not being able to go back. We continue to entertain the memories we hold so closely to our hearts. We look upon them with great respect and reverence for the way they make us feel, for letting us experience just a snippet of our past. Sadly, nostalgia isnít what it used to be.

How many times have you sat around the dinner table or had a picnic in the garden with your family, sharing stories of the years that have gone by? Your children and grandchildren sit passively, without any emotion, listening to your memories. Are they truly bored by your story or do they just not have the capacity to identify with you? You may tell of how you dared to climb trees and pick apples with the boys, when all your girl friends threw tea parties and feared getting dirty. You may have felt like somewhat of a rebel, but you felt free because you were following what you wanted, not what somebody else had chosen for you. You still have the scar from when you slipped and fell down.

You may tell of how you and your dad went fishing. It was a Saturday, and you got up really early because you were so excited. You can remember the house smelling like freshly baked apple pie, that was your mumís specialty. All your things were packed and eventually you arrived at the lake and had the best day imaginable.

Or maybe five years ago your husband took your grandson to see the Porsches at the racetrack. He was so excited he was on the verge of tears. When he arrived back home he couldnít stop commenting on how shiny they were, how fast they were going, how truly privileged he felt to be able to have this experience. Today you listen to your grandson speak about the time his granddad took him to the racetrack. There is no sadness in his voice. There is neither a happy nor sad tear in his eyes. It was just another day to him.

One has to wonder why people today seem to have lost their ability to fully enjoy a moment and carry it with them for a lifetime. In the world of instant gratification, they forget as instantly as they get. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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