Nursing care and assisted living

As the years pass, you may start to find daily tasks increasingly difficult until they eventually turn into a huge burden. You may be thinking about nursing care and assisted living. This will give you the joy of being able to stay in your own home for as long as possible.

The type of care that will be provided to you will depend on your reason for needing assistance. The various types of care include domestic help, personal care as well as medical help. If, for example, you lack sufficient energy or the ability to perform certain tasks, the nurse will do this for you. She will help with shopping, cleaning, laundry, making your bed, and other household tasks which you are unable to perform. If you are severely impaired and have immense difficulty, the nurse in this case will help you with preparation of meals, washing and getting dressed, as well as assist with mobility. The extent of help will depend on your needs. If you need medical help, a nurse can provide you with this. Her job will involve administering medication and changing dressings.

There are also different levels of nursing care and assisted living, where nurses visit based on how often they are needed. If you need a lot of help with daily tasks then a nurse may visit as many as two to three times a day. You may only need a nurse during the day or at night, so they will visit accordingly. If you need 24 hour care then the nurses will work in shifts. If you have been in an accident and recovering, you may only need a nurse for a certain time period, so the nurse will provide live-in care until you recover.

Everybody has a unique set of circumstances, so before a nurse is arranged, there has to be a thorough assessment of the exact type and level of care that you require. You must consider the cost of the services and how you plan on paying for them, but you must also be aware of your state benefits. Since you are going to be letting the nurse into your space, it is important that you have one you feel comfortable with. There’s no need to panic about going through the assessment process alone. Depending on whether you are in hospital or at home, the doctors treating you should be able to help with the assessment as well as recommendations as far as levels and types of care go. Social services in your area are also available to assist you.

There are a great many things you need to consider when thinking about nursing care and assisted living, but whatever decision you reach, make sure it makes you happy.

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