On your bike

Balance, attitude, speed, technique, and passion. These qualities may remind you of the last time you were on your bike, chasing the open road, in search of everything and nothing at the same time. Now that you have more time on your hands you can rediscover your love for the art of riding.

If you have been driving a car, or if you have been taking the bus or the train to get around, think about how different it feels. When you are in a car it may feel like a box, that is trapping you and your spirit. When you are on your bike, you feel free, alone, but yet at peace with yourself, the road and everything around you. Whether this is a dream revisited or whether you’re starting out, it’s amazing how your bike can bring out the best part of you.

There are many different types of bikes. Scooters, while serious bikers do not consider these real bikes, are small and can be ridden without having to straddle any part of it because they have a floorboard. Standard motorcycles are not much to look at because, as the name suggests, they have a standard fairing and limited bodywork. As a result they are appropriately termed “naked” bikes. With the upright riding position giving greater visibility in traffic, standards are popular for getting around the city.

Sport bikes are designed with the best and latest technology available. Because they are used to race, they are specially designed for optimum speed, acceleration, braking and manoeuvrability. The extent of their aerodynamic design far outweighs that of other bikes, and provides thrill seekers with one of the most electrifying experiences. Dirt bikes are off-road motorcycles that are designed to be lightweight and feature jagged suspension and coarse tires to get traction off the pavement. The long-travel suspension on dirt bikes enables unbelievable speed over various off road conditions as well as massive triple jumps.

Cruiser motorcycles range from small to large, and are highly customised. They are designed for comfort and offer the rider a relaxed upright or reclined seating position, making cruising much easier. Touring bikes are designed for touring and long distance travel, and therefore offer the rider and passenger comfort, luggage carrying capacity, and reliability. They also feature large fairings and windshields for protection from the wind and rain, large capacity fuel tanks to increase time ranges between fill ups

You can choose your beautiful machine based on what you would like to do, but whatever you choose, make sure that the bike feels right. If you are comfortable with the bike then it will be comfortable with you. Get on your bike and rediscover your sense of adventure.

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