Over 50s travellers warned of EU driving hazards

Over 50s travelling in Europe by car have been warned that Germany is the most expensive country on the continent to have an accident.

Aviva UK said the bill for an accident in Germany averages 2,940, which is over 1,000 more than the European average of 1,918.

The firm's insurance motor underwriting manager, Nigel Bartram, said Britons should ensure they have proper cover in place before they leave on their trips.

"Otherwise you may have to pay for any claims for damage to your car, whether it's your fault or not.," he explained, adding the hassle of arranging repair and sorting out the insurance claim in a different language could add extra hassle.

Other countries where car accidents could be costly included France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.

Insurance provider RIAS advises over 50s driving in Europe to ensure their cover and paperwork is in order before they cross the channel.

Janet Connor, managing director at the firm, said insurance cover should be as important to those planning a trip abroad as packing a toothbrush.

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