PROSTAMAX - For effective treatment of an enlarged prostate gland

The only prostate supplement with 100% pure Beta-Sitosterol Percent

Do you have to visit the toilet during the night,
have problems urinating or need to go too frequently?

Prostamax contains 100% pure Beta-Sitosterol. This is the common active ingredient in Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Africanum, Pumpkin Seeds and Stinging Nettles; plants that have been studied and used extensively to treat prostate conditions. Only Prostamax contains pure Beta-Sitosterol.

This is what makes Prostamax unique – it is the only supplement based purely on the active ingredient that is found in small quantities in other herbal remedies.

If you are a man over 40 years old you may well have an enlarged prostate gland, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. By the time you are 60 the probability of this is over 50%.

Formulated by Dr Roger Mason, a renowned expert on the male urinary system who has written many publications on the subject of prostate health, Beta-Sitosterol has been shown by various studies to be an effective agent in the relief and prevention of problems caused by an enlarged prostate gland when taken on a regular basis. Prostamax also contains other additional natural components known to help maintain a healthy prostate gland. Prostamax has been available in the UK and Europe through Medifort for six years.


Mr D M, Aberdeenshire
I have had prostate problems for a number of years, probably the worst having to visit the bathroom two or three times each night.

Since using Prostamax I can now get eight or nine hours sleep which I find most satisfying. The past few months I have been aware of very little discomfort in the lower regions which I can only contribute to this magic little pill. Prostamax has certainly been very successful for me and I would not like to be without it.


The prostate is a small gland that surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra in men. Its major function is to contribute to seminal fluid. If the prostate enlarges, pressure may be put on the urethra, acting like a partial clamp and causing a variety of urinary problems including:

• Difficulty urinating
• Dribbling after urination
• Need to urinate often, especially at night
• In rare cases, the patient is not able to urinate
• Reduced sexual function or impotence

This condition is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

• 1 in 9 men over 40 years old have BPH
• Over half of all 60 year old men have BPH
• BPH is not prostate cancer but the symptoms are similar and it can be a precursor to cancer

Laboratory tests have also shown that Beta-sitisterol may also inhibit the development of cancer tumours and absorption of cholesterol.

Herbal extracts are sold in Germany and France by prescription only under the names Harzal and Permixon. In the UK ProstaBrit, Prostanol and others are available. These all contain only a fraction of the Beta-Sitosterol contained in a single caplet of Prostamax.

There are 60 capsules in each bottle of Prostamax. Each Prostamax capsule contains 300 mg. of pure Beta-Sitosterol from plant sources plus 15 mg. of zinc citrate. Dosage is 1 or 2 capsules per day depending on symptoms. Most customers start on 2 capsules per day and find they can reduce this to 1 per day as a preventative maintenance dose once the symptoms improve.

Please note that Beta-Sitosterol is not recommended for anyone who has had an organ or bone marrow transplant.

We also strongly recommend that if you are suffering from any of the afore-mentioned symptoms that you visit your GP as soon as possible.

Recent Testimonials for Prostamax

Extracts of letters we have received

Mr W J L, Kent

Having been diagnosed with BPH several years ago, it was recommended by Roger Mason in his book ‘The Natural Prostate Cure’ to take a supplement such as Prostamax which I have been taking regularly since. My PSA levels have been constantly low, and my prostate is reasonably healthy and I suffer no ill effects.

Mr A H, Dundee

Hi, Payment for 4 x bottles of Prostamax - Second order, just finished the first one, excellent results, great relief. (by PayPal)

Mr D C S, Nottinghamshire

I have used Prostamax for a year, first on a higher dose trial basis and then continuing on the recommended maintenance dosage.

At this time of writing, since commencing taking the capsules, I have found that the product has relieved the symptoms to a considerable extent. The source of the problem of course remains, but life has been made more comfortable as a result of taking the supplement.

Mr C B, London

I would like to order my usual bottle of Prostamax.

I must say, having been abroad and staying away longer than anticipated I ran out of my supply. Lack of which was certainly noticeable as my condition worsened.


The originals of these letters can be seen if requested.

To buy Prostamax please visit or telephone 01424 854232.

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The only prostate supplement with 100% pure Beta-Sitosterol