Retirement in Europe

For folks seeking freedom in a fun new location, retirement in Europe has great opportunities. Croatia, for example, allows pensions to be received from abroad, and does not have a wealth tax. Greece is another popular spot for retirees to consider. With its mild climate, low cost of living, and low crime rate, Greece makes an ideal location to retire. Really, anywhere on the mainland of Europe offers tremendous amenities for the retiree. The specific country and city or town depends only upon individual preference. Healthcare is generally good and affordable on the mainland. There are plenty of sights to be taken in through short driving distances. Whether you enjoy endless miles of beaches, quaint mountain villages, or ancient castles, Europe has all of the elements of a dream retirement.

Although Europe holds promise for retirement, some general caveats should be considered. As simple as this step sounds, a bank account needs to be set up in the country of choice prior to the move. One also needs to decide whether one desires to rent or own property in Europe. This decision should depend upon how long you wish to stay in the new property - whether seasonally or all year long. One can buy however, and rent the home out for part of the year to make up the cost. Another important factor for consideration is that the new country of residence may be very culturally different than your former one. Language barriers and separation from family can also be barriers stopping a move to Europe. One should definitely try out retirement in Europe before committing to it. Rent a home for a few months before deciding to buy or permanently make the move. If uncomfortable with learning a new language, there are many desirable locations on the mainland of Europe in which the majority of residents speak English.

If still unsure about a retirement in Europe, spend some vacations there. Travel around and find a comfortable spot. Once a potential residence is found, then you can begin spending part of the year there, and the rest at home with family. Gradually you will find it harder and harder to draw yourself away from the excitement of retirement abroad, knowing your family is doing well at home. Retirement is a time of life to enjoy yourself, and do what you have always dreamed of doing. Be adventurous, but smart. Take a leap, but do your research first. A blind move is an unwise decision, and could be disastrous. There is nothing to fear if you take your time and do the homework. The rewards are waiting for a retirement on the mainland of Europe. Pack those bags and give Europe a try.

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