Second home market

In conducting a search in the second home market, you are going to want to keep in mind several factors. Determine for yourself which are more important to you than others. You may not care about beaches, but a mild climate is important to you. You may not need a home close to a big city, but you might want to be close to your family or friends. Your second home destination should be tailored to fit your own personal needs and desires.

Weather is usually a big determining factor for most second home buyers. People generally migrate from a harsh climate to somewhere milder. Be sure to familiarise yourself with your area of interest before taking the plunge. Spend a season there and see if it is really all that you thought that it would be. You cannot understand the real atmosphere without spending time there. By looking on the Internet, you can see that the temperature is agreeable and there is little rainfall, but you would not see that there are swarms of flying insects there this time of year. Also, do not limit yourself to the typical retirement areas. If you explore surrounding areas you may find a location that is lesser known, but more pleasant than the place which you had originally had in mind.

Cost of living may also be an important issue in finding a location in the second home market. The hot tourist spot with which you are familiar may cost a great deal to live in, but the small town fifteen kilometers down the road might be just as acceptable with half the cost of living. Can you afford the food prices? Can you afford the entertainment? You want to live in a place that is fun for you. In order to be fun, the amenities have to be affordable to you. Price of real estate is also included in this, because generally well known retirement areas have high real estate prices. Do some shopping around and you will probably find an area just as attractive with much less inflated real estate prices.

Regardless of where you are moving, you should do plenty of research. Spend a winter or summer renting in your potential new location to give yourself a clear view of what the weather is truly like, how much money you would typically spend, what kind of entertainment there is, and how much you really enjoy spending your time there. A second home is a wonderful privilege that you have earned. Therefore, do some homework and find the location in the second home market that most perfectly suits your own personality. The effort will be well worth the reward that you find when you are living in paradise.

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