Shopping for presents for your grandchildren

Shopping for presents for your grandchildren can bring you tremendous joy and great fun and you get to do it twice a year, birthdays and Christmas. When you have got more than two grandchildren of various ages it can get a bit tricky keeping up. Maybe you should keep a little diary for one of the biggest reasons Ė donít duplicate. Children are not the most delicate if you have got it wrong. Itís always best to have Mum on board for this type of shopping, she doesnít have to come with you but run whatever ideas you have for presents for her children by her first. One of the main reasons for that is also not to get in to trouble with Mum, buying things that she does not want her children to have, you will get to know when and with what you can push the limit, but be careful.

Now for some ideas as to what to get them. You donít want to get something that will end up being tossed to the back of the cupboard. Donít leave it too late because too late means a bad present, an upset child and a guilty grandparent. Here are some ideas to see what they like, what their interests are, thatís if you really want to do a good job:

When shopping for presents for your grandchildren take them with you. Of course their age depends on what type of shops. If they are still young walk through the mall, specifically past the toy stores, offer to go in and see what they make a beeline for and talk to them about it. Repeat the same routine for the older oneís choice stores, whether they be clothing, music or, electronic gadget stores, you will know or they will drag you there.

Spend some time chatting in their room, look around the room for clues. Pictures of rock stars, cars or animals. Look in their bookcase discreetly to see what type of books they have if any.

If you do the book thing for the younger ones, check the appropriate age, the book will tell you Ďsuitable for between 4-6 yearsí for example. The same goes for clothes, rather get clothing that is on the bigger side, there is no more a dampener than when you get given clothes and they are too small.

Listen to general family conversation as you might hear so and so has got this great new DVD, skateboard or taking karate classes; you will almost certainly pick up ideas.

Or just simply ask them what they want Ė still check with Mum.

If you are feeling mischievous and want to keep them guessing as to what you have got them, if itís small wrap it in a biggish box or disguise itís shape with lots of padding. Guessing is the name of the game and it makes the present and their faces a whole lot more fun. Shopping for presents for your grandchildren can be a sport in itself.

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