Skin treatments that keep you youthful

If you were lucky enough to be genetically blessed with oily skin, than you probably will not have issues with fine lines, wrinkles, or other unsightly skin features as an older adult. As an adolescent, oily skin is a curse, but this extra oil keeps skin from aging prematurely by helping skin to maintain its pliability and suppleness. The main cause of wrinkles and rough skin is a lack of moisture that causes cracks and lines in the skinís surface. Natural oils are the best way to maintain this moisture and is one of many skin treatments that keep you youthful looking.

Most people need a little help in this department as Mother Nature is not always fair. You can take preventative measures to keep your skin looking young and healthy. The number one enemy of your skin is the sun. It feels warm and lovely against your skin, but it is silently destroying it. Excessive sun exposure causes premature wrinkles, sun spots, and discoloration. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. A tan is your bodyís warning signal that you are hurting your skin. This has an easy prevention of sunscreen. Even if you do not want to put sunscreen on every time you expose yourself to the sun, you can wear a hat. There are even brands of makeup which contain ultraviolet protection. You also will want to limit your body, especially your faceís exposure to harmful chemicals such as chlorine in swimming pools. Excessive wind can also be damaging as it dries and roughs up your skin with floating particles.

Another of the skin treatments that keep you youthful and reduces the signs of damage is exfoliation. Nothing natural can undo serious sun damage such as spots, but exfoliation strips your top layer of skin away to reveal newer skin that has not been exposed directly to damaging forces. Simply take a rough sponge made for skin and gently rub your face with it while you are in the shower or washing your face. There are also exfoliating face washes on the market today that contain tiny beads that rub away the skin. These work well also. Once youíve exfoliated you will want to protect the new skin and nourish it with a moisturiser of choice.

Prevention is the key to protect your skin from damage. Even if your skin already suffers from sun damage, you can keep it from getting worse by wearing sunscreen and protecting your face from burning. Sunscreen itself contains moisturiser, so by wearing it you are protecting your skin and increasing your skinís moisture level all in one step. Your skin is a fragile part of you, so take all the precautions necessary to protect it. By following these guidelines you will be benefiting from skin treatments that keep you youthful. Your reward will be your skin staying healthier, smoother, and softer.

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