The benefits of private health insurance

The benefits of private health insurance are many, your car and house are insured so why not your body? Without your body you cannot enjoy the niceties of your house or car. For many years health insurance was out of reach for many ordinary people who had to rely only on the NHS. Not the case now as health insurance can be obtained to suit all types of budgets. If you have a small budget you can get just a hospital plan, that covers you for instance if you get knocked over by a car and need to be taken to hospital. Then there are more involved types of plans that give you access to doctors, dentists and optometrists. But the type of cover available does all depend on your state of health and it’s history, age and if you are a smoker.

To enjoy the benefits of private health insurance
you need to find a scheme that is suitable for you as an individual or do you have a family you want covered as well? Private Health insurance should be a manageable amount for you to pay monthly, no more than 10% of your household income, and should be able to give you and your family as much cover as possible. If you have access to the internet you can shop around on the net and get quotes for private health insurance. They will ask you all sorts of information that you must answer fully and honestly or they will not even look at you. Speak to your friends and ask who they have health insurance with, are they happy, are all their claims met without objection. Ask your insurance broker if he is linked to a private health insurance company and he could sign you up. There is a waiting period while they go through your application to make sure there are no hitches before covering you. If in your application you gave a history of stomach problems, for instance a Hiatus Hernia, they may specify when your application has been approved that they will not cover treatment or medication for 12 months.

Many companies work differently and it also depends if the health care providers are contracted into the scheme. Some health care providers might make you pay for a consultation and then you can claim it back from the insurance scheme, providing you can prove that you paid for it. Some private health insurance schemes have special offers i.e. join up now and get a certain percentage discount. Most health insurance schemes have what they call the “Vitality Programme” this can have many benefits including gym discounts on a points basis, discounts on health foods and so on. Some schemes have a no claim bonus exactly as it works for your car insurance.

The benefits of private health insurance far outweigh the negative aspects and although it could be a burden financially in these stressful economic times it can also be a lifesaver in more ways than one.

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