The joy of fishing

The joy of fishing is itís a versatile activity that can either equal a relaxing day out on a dock or boat with friends, or a blood stirring, action packed guided deep-sea trip. The former is a great way to spend time with friends. Fishing does not cost a great deal, but provides entertainment and company for those involved. This type of fishing is ideal for families and friends. Hooks must always be kept away from small children, but there is nothing better than teaching little junior how to cast his line, or to reel in his first tiny fish. Fishing can be called relaxing, but not boring. The moment of excitement when reeling in the first catch of the day more than makes up for the time spent staring into the water and at each other. You can catch and release, or have a fish meal later. Fishing is a good mix of an exciting pursuit and good conversation, resulting in a great family and friend bonding activity.

Deep sea fishing is an option for the more action oriented individual. Guided expeditions are made to hunt bigger fish in more remote regions. The sense of danger and excitement can be related to the sense that one gets when about to ride on a roller coaster. You donít know how big the fish will be or how hard it will fight. You might catch it, but it might get away too. This type of fishing is more suited to those who live on the edge and enjoy the uncertainty and possible danger involved in activities.

For those who do not care whether they catch a fish or not, the joy of fishing is a great pastime. Sometimes the best part of fishing is the waiting. You can get to know the people youíre with even better. If you fish alone, it can be used for relaxation or meditation. Fishing is not only a way to commune with others but with yourself. Sitting quietly on the water for a few hours is a good way to relax but also to reflect upon your life and other important matters of the mind and heart. You may accomplish this by setting out in a rowboat to the middle of a lake early in the morning. You may sit off of a dock or pier and watch the sunset, fishing pole in hand. Really, fishing can simply be an excuse to have a quiet time by yourself.

Regardless of your lifestyle, the joy of fishing offers something for everyone. Whether you want to have a family get together out on the lake, or take an adventurous trip to catch fish on a guided expedition, fishing is fun. Even if you simply want to watch the waves go by, holding your fishing pole and deep in thought, fishing is wonderful. It is a great activity for most everybody of all activity levels even if you have no appreciation for the sport of fishing, or even if you donít eat fish.

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