Tips on selling your property

When one comes to a time when you wish to sell your property for whatever reason - it may be downscaling, moving town or country, you need to be very careful. The property market is an art or science and unless you are experienced you will need some tips on selling your property.

Initially you need to make sure your property is in tip top shape. First impressions of your property by a prospective buyer can go a long way to perhaps concluding a deal or a good first offer. Perhaps the best way is to bring a friend along and the two of you go through your property with a critical eye pointing out some of the things that perhaps are looking a bit shabby. Look at the walls when were they last painted, cracked windows, leaking taps is there any damp in the walls. Make a list of problems.

Start in the garden or entrance, if you donít have a garden, this is the first look a prospective buyer will have of your property and first impressions count an awful lot. Now once that is completed your probably going to need some help. A handy man could help with most things, speak to your neighbors for recommendations. Once you have found someone you like get him in to give you a quote and discuss the problems that need sorting out. Perhaps you need to get more than one person in and compare quotes.

Now as you near getting prepared, itís time to bring in a property agent. You need to find someone that will give you the best advice and tips on selling your property. To find a good agent take a drive or walk through your neighborhood and see some of the names on the selling boards outside properties and become familiar with them. Then speak to your neighbors and colleagues at work see how often the same name or names comes up. Once you have made your selection make appointments with a couple of the most repeated names and get them to come and have a look at your property and give you advice.

Another good tip is to look in the paper, the property section, and find properties that are as similar to yours and get an idea of pricing and which have been successfully sold, that way when interviewing the agents youíll get a good idea of who is giving you realistic advice. Once you have decided on an agent they will list your property in the various property papers or on the net. There will be open days when prospective buyers will come to view your property make sure all your valuables and precious things are safely put away. Itís quite often the best if you leave the agent to do his or her job on these open days, go out with the family or friends to take your mind off whatís going on back home.

Your agent will at some stage come back to you informing you of an offer that has been made for your property and whether you should accept it or not. This is when you know all your hard work and the tips on selling your property have paid off.

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