Understanding digital technology

When you are setting up your new desktop computer, or even simply popping in your favourite movie into your DVD player, it is evident that technology has come a long way. You may think you are unable to keep up with the rapidly advancing world of digital technology. That which is unfamiliar can be intimidating. People tend to cling to what they know, what they learned as children and young adults. Understanding digital technology is a friend is a good place to start as its only purpose is to make your life easier. As complicated as some of it seems, the goal is for digital technology to simplify and take care of the work for you, giving you more time to spend doing what you love. One obvious example is DVD players versus VHS players. One simple convenience is not having to sit around and wait for your tape to rewind after you’ve watched it. Whether or not you understand how a DVD holds all of that information and how it translates to your screen, the process for you has been made easier.

The first step toward understanding digital technology is to keep an open mind. No, it is not going to be just like the old technology and method with which you are comfortable. Yes, there will be flaws and kinks to be dealt with, just like with the old system. Do not allow yourself to become frustrated trying to learn how to operate new digital technology. If it is not user friendly to you, then watch a movie, read a book on the subject, or ask a technologically savvy friend to help you. Also, do not hold grudges. If one or two devices have been difficult to understand, do not blanket all of digital technology as being too hard to operate and useless. Sometimes despite the strain to learn how to use a device, the rewards from the knowledge usually outweigh the previous difficulty. Your digital camera works without film and is an entirely different concept than old fashioned cameras. Learning how to use the camera and upload photos to your computer may have been difficult for you. Being able to email photos back and forth to your family and friends, however, is a great feature.

Understanding digital technology can be difficult, but it is impossible to halt the advances even if you wished you could. Technologies will continue to progress and improve. If you are not willing to adapt and learn new technology, you will be left behind, finding yourself in a complex and confusing world. Digital technology is understandable; it could not survive if people were not able to master it. Be patient, and do not be afraid to ask for help. Digital technology is not as difficult as it seems to understand if you maintain an open mind and recognise that these changes are usually to your benefit.

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