When to start dating after a divorce

According to a report published by the Office for National Statistics, the rate of divorce in the UK has increased for the fourth year in a row. Divorcing a partner can be traumatising and costly, and if children are involved, the damage caused can be twice as harmful. The end of a marriage can feel like a bereavement, and suddenly being single again can be disorientating and loneliness can overwhelm you. Through all this turmoil, you may wonder, when can I start dating again? There are several things that you should be sure of before you join the dating game again.

The most important thing you should realise when thinking about when to start dating after a divorce, is that it's going to take time before you are completely over the effects of your divorce. Do not rush into any new relationships just because you feel the need for company and the need to be wanted. Most people who undertake new relationships straight after a divorce are on the rebound and are not in the correct emotional state to make a new relationship work. It is important to mourn your loss, so to speak, and reach an acceptance stage otherwise any new relationships you get into will be scarred by the habits and resentments of your failed marriage.

Before you start dating again, you should feel good about yourself and about being single. People who are desperately looking for a new partner are less attractive to the opposite sex than those who are happy with who and what they are. Dating can be a difficult game and it is important that you are completely comfortable with yourself before you start playing again, otherwise any rejection that comes your way will overwhelm you and may put you out of the game for a long time. It is vital that you don't take rejection personally. Timing is everything, and when to start dating after a divorce should be at a stage where your confidence levels are high. If you have children, things will be harder as you will need to take their feelings into account as well. You must be aware of how your children look at things and respect their feelings.

Basically, there are no definite rules about when to start dating after a divorce, the length of time varies from person to person. Men generally are able to start dating sooner than women are. Some people wait several years until they start dating again while others wait mere months, it all depends on what kind of person you are. It is all a question of what feels right and what you are comfortable with.

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